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Professional Lawn Maintenance Services in Mooresville, North Carolina

From a lawn, we gather countless benefits such as improvement in air quality, reduction in carbon emissions, reduction in the temperature of the environment, etc. However, a lawn requires a lot of maintenance and protection from common lawn problems. Let us take a look at common lawn problems and how our Lawn Maintenance in Mooresville, NC can help you overcome these problems.

Brown patches

Brown patches are one of the most frequent lawn problems. The brown patches may be formed due to drought, disease, pest attack, or poor soil quality. For drought-based brown patches, we will advocate you amplify watering frequency. For brown patches based on poor soil quality, we will recommend aeration and fertilizer addition. If it is based on a disease or pest attack, we will use a fungicide or pesticide, respectively.

Lawn Mowing Services in Cornelius, North Carolina


Weeds can grow fast and can take up the space and food supply of the grass. For clearing up weeds, we use a specifically formulated herbicide for the type of weed. To control the growth of weeds in the future, we recommend using pre-emergent herbicides and regular fertilization.

Thin or Sparse Grass

Thin or Sparse grass occurs due to mowing issues, hard soil, or lack of water. We address these issues as part of our Lawn Maintenance in Mooresville, NC. Based on the cause, the solution for these includes improving aeration, increasing watering frequency, and increasing the mowing height for the lawn. 

Brown or Yellow Grass

Brown or yellow grass appears due to a lack of water or nitrogen or an underlying disease. At Lawn Pro of the Carolinas, we identify the reason behind the Brown or yellow grass, and we improve fertilization for nitrogen deficiency and treat it with a fungicide in case of disease.

Areas We Serve !

We offer a range of lawn care services in and around Mooresville, NC. We have also extended our services to other areas like:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should I schedule professional lawn maintenance?

Generally, lawn maintenance is recommended once a week in summer, once in 10 days in fall, and once in four weeks in winter.

Q. Can you provide a customized lawn care plan based on my specific needs?

We understand each customer has unique needs and based on the specific needs of your lawn, we can chart out a personalised plan for your lawn.

Q. Can you help with weed control and prevention?

Yes, we treat weeds with the help of specifically formulated herbicides for each type of weed. To avoid the future growth of weeds, we advocate you use pre-emergent herbicides and maintain a regular fertilization schedule.

Q. Are your lawn maintenance services environmentally friendly?

Yes, we offer organic fertilizers and eco-friendly treatments for pests and weeds, for the safety of our customers.

Q. What is the cost of your lawn maintenance services?

The lawn maintenance cost varies based on the size and the services required. To get a quote, call us at 704-746-8447, Now!