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With classic elegance and contemporary charm, Lawn Pro of the Carolinas brings your lawn to life. Experience captivating patios, layered landscapes, enchanting flowerbeds, and vibrant walkways in your backyard. Let us help you improve your bonding with nature.

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Cornelius, NC

Located alongside Lake Norman, Cornelius is a cherished residential community with a majority of residents owning homes. It is a thriving hub for families and professionals from all walks of life. Its public schools are renowned for providing a quality education. Moreover, Cornelius is a culinary paradise, where you can savour a diverse range of dishes from around the globe.

How do Professional Cornelius landscape design Companies Help?

Engaging a professional landscape design company is important for achieving your ideal backyard in Cornelius, NC. Consider these 5 key advantages of partnering with a professional landscape designer:

  • They possess profound knowledge of landscape horticulture and turf management.
  • Professionals can create plans tailored to the age groups expected to utilize the lawn.
  • Only professionals can ensure proper drainage to prevent soil erosion.
  • Hiring experts can lead to cost savings and extended warranties for your project.
  • Professionals can devise plans suitable for both small and large spaces.

Thus, only a trusted professional Cornelius landscape design company can offer a multitude of benefits for your backyard design in Cornelius, NC. If you’re in search of professional “backyard design services near me”, reach out to the experts at Lawn Pro of the Carolinas.

How does the Lawn Pro of the Carolinas work?

With over two decades of experience as certified landscape contractors, we at Lawn Pro of the Carolinas are your trusted partners for a range of services beyond backyard design, including

1. Snow Removal: When heavy snowfall creates travel challenges, we at Lawn Pro of the Carolinas provide efficient snow removal services using advanced equipment.

2. Lawn Maintenance: For maintaining lawn health, we offer comprehensive lawn maintenance services, including fertilization, pest control, and disease management.

3. Irrigation System Installation and Repair: Ensure your lawn’s proper upkeep with our expertly designed and installed irrigation systems customized to your landscape.

4. Lighting: Illuminate your outdoor space effectively with our customized lighting solutions, enhancing your design’s features during nighttime.

In addition, we provide various services like lawn mowing, weed control, and more. If you’re looking for landscape and “hardscape designers near me” for backyard design in Cornelius, NC contact us at (704) 746-8447.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I choose the right plants for my backyard design in Cornelius, NC?

When choosing plants for your backyard, prioritize low-maintenance options like shrubs to minimize upkeep. You may opt for perennial plants such as Asiatic Lily, Bee balm, and Black-eyed Susan that are well-suited to Cornelius’ climate. Ensure your chosen plants match the lighting conditions and watering capabilities of your lawn to ensure their health.


Q. Can I see examples of your previous backyard design projects?

Yes, you can view examples of our past backyard design projects by visiting our gallery on our website at


Q. Can you provide examples of different backyard styles?

Yes, here are examples of different backyard styles: Modern backyards often feature bright colors and sleek furniture, Rustic backyards incorporate stone elements for a rugged feel, Zen backyards emphasize serenity with bamboo and meditation spaces, Cottage backyards have a vintage charm with antique furniture.