How to keep the Garden Cool in Summer?

How to keep the Garden Cool in Summer?

Keep Garde Cool in the Summer - Lawn Pro of the Carolinas

The purpose of a garden is to improve the environment and yield good harvests. Exposure to high temperatures can affect garden health, by significantly impacting the plants. 

Plants require water for growth, and water evaporates quickly due to the heat. This leads to dryness and the death of plants. This necessitates the cooling of the garden environment in summer. Cooling the garden with proper measures helps in water conservation as the evaporation of water is reduced. Let us understand how to keep the garden cool in summer.

Installation of Shade:

Shade cloths can be used to cover the garden. Shade cloths are specifically designed to protect outdoor environments from excessive sunlight, heat, and UV radiation. They offer UV protection to protect the plants from sun damage when used in the garden. They also reduce the temperature, thereby offering a suitable environment for plant growth. They are durable and are suitable for long-term usage. They are also breathable, thereby providing free air circulation.


Since the underlying soil gets dehydrated in summer, the soil can be covered with a layer of mulch. The step not only helps in moisture retention but also weed reduction. There are both organic and inorganic mulches. Organic mulch mainly includes straw, wood chips, and leaves. When they decompose, they improve the soil health. Inorganic mulch includes pebbles, plastic sheeting, and landscape fabric. Landscape fabric works better for weed growth reduction as it blocks sunlight to weed seeds.

Soil temperature and health improvement:

Similar to mulch, organic matter can be incorporated into the soil by digging to improve soil health and water retention. Also, compost can be added to the soil. These measures help in improving the soil structure, nutrient retention, and hydration. Furthermore, they help to improve the growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Adding Reflective surfaces:

By adding light-colored mulch, the reflection of the sun’s light can be improved. This helps in cooling the garden surface. They help to maintain stable underground temperatures. Adding reflective covers also helps in bouncing back the sunlight, thereby improving the health of the garden.


These measures help in cooling the garden and improving yield in summer. If these measures could not be employed, it is necessary to install drip irrigation systems for improved hydration. Consistent maintenance of garden health helps improve air quality and comfort in the garden space. It also helps to protect the investment made in landscaping.

At Lawn Pro of the Carolinas, we are a licensed lawn care provider focused on ensuring lawn health. We offer regular maintenance services to protect lawn’s health under all weather conditions. If you are looking for assistance with lawn maintenance or have lawn-related queries, contact us.

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